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Charleston International Airport is served by Delta, USAirways, Southwest, JetBlue and United and American Eagle with 124 daily arrivals / departures to 16 cities.

Approximately 5,000 people fly in and out of CHS every day on a total of 124 flights.

Flight Schedule

Direct Flights

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Taxis and shuttles operate from 5 a.m. until 30 minutes after the last arriving flight of the day. Taxi and shuttle rides are available in front of the terminal building, outside of baggage claim. Taxis are dispatched upon demand of the passenger or group to one specific destination. All taxi and shuttle services accept MasterCard, American Express, VISA and Discover credit cards.

Airport Parking Info

The Charleston area is located on the coast of South Carolina, midway between Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head Island. It is easily accessible by car...I-26 has its eastern terminus in Charleston and connects with I-20, I-85, I-40, I-77 and I-95 from the north. US HWY 17, the coastal north-south route, runs through Charleston and connects with I-95 from the south.

Download any of the following maps to help plan your trip to the Charleston Area:

Charleston Peninsula Map Greater Charleston Regional Map
North Charleston Map Convention Center/Tanger Area